Daily Routine

  My Daily Routine


  1. I wake up early in the morning at about 5 o’clock.
  2. I drink a glass of water and keep sitting on bed for 5 minutes.
  3. I go and get fresh / I attend the call of nature.
  4. I brush my teeth.
  5. I go for morning walk. Actually I run for about 2 kilometers.
  6. I go to gym and work out there for 1 hour.
  7. I come back at home and feel relax.
  8. I switch on geezer.
  9. I wait till water become hot
  10. Then I take a bath.
  11. After bathing I worship.
  12. I also do meditation. It improves our concentration power.
  13. After it I read newspaper while taking tea.
  14. Reading English newspaper will improve my vocabulary and knowledge and pronunciation.
  15. I watch news channels as it helps us grow our knowledge.
  16. I study for a while.
  17. I get ready for college. My college bus comes at 8 am at nearby bus stop.
  18. I go there and wait for bus.
  19. Bus arrives and I along with my classmate go to college.
  20. We reach to college at approx 8:30.
  21. We gathered at assembly hall and principal addresses us.
  22. We go to our respective classes.
  23. We keep on studying until our lunch break which happens at 1.
  24. We take lunch either in canteen or outside.
  25. I skip at least on period which I find boring and less important.
  26. I attend all other lectures.
  27. I stay there till last hour.
  28. I come back at home at about 4.
  29. This time I listen to soft music to feel peace of mind.
  30. I change clothes and wash face.
  31. I take a nap for a while.
  32. i recollect my energy and go for an evening walk to nearby garden.
  33. Over there I meet some of my friends too.
  34. We all have a fun there.
  35. At evening I come to TELL to improve the quality of my English.
  36. Here I also improve my pronunciation and word power.
  37. I hope I will transform myself here as faculty as well as whole team is very cooperative and enthusiastic here.
  38. I leave TELL and go to market to buy some household things.
  39. Generally I buy vegetables and grocery items.
  40. I go to home and watch some reality programs on TV as like them very much.
  41. DID is my favorite show.
  42. I take dinner with all my family members.
  43. We have a chat on various matters on dinner table.
  44. After dinner I go for a walk.
  45. I read some meaningful books before going to bed.
  46. I make a plan for tomorrow.
  47. Everyone should develop the habit of planning. It can save our hours of hard work.
  48. I sleep at 11 o’clock.
  49. I know that “Early to bed early to rise” is the habit of “healthy, wealthy and wise.”
  50. Thanks.

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